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    OrionUO - Cataclysm

    Hey guys,

    I am that guy who made this video ;

    I used to play on your shard and really enjoyed that. So I ve decided to share with you "ready-to-use" Orion + assistant archive which is already configured for CataclysmUO. Just extract all files into UO(Cataclysm) folder and start OrionUO.exe.

    P.S. All files should be in the UO folder only, not in the sub-folder.

    Peace out!

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    Is it possible to use Orion client with Razor or UOsteam?
    Coz i installed orion, too hard to make even hotkeys there. Also when you are hidden client shows that you are not...

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    1. - about Orion.

    2. - update your Orion files via Launcher.

    3. - autoload, useful scripts for Cataclysm, created by Lestat.

    P.S. - - news and updates of Orion client.

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    I am not surprised the staff didn't delete this post. A dropbox link? Protect your users????
    if you can catch my drift.

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    The new way to install Orion now is to simply download the launcher from the website:

    Then you configure the client version that you wish to use.

    My script file with 1711 lines of code:

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