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    Vendors & Custom Houses bugs

    When you drop for example 300 mana potions on a vendor, it's not for sale. then if you take 100 of those mana potions on you, the remaining automatically price adjusts to 999 which is a bug in my opinion as it renders it risky if someone's near as anyone could wait and purchase the remaining stack for 999.

    Monsters bellow you in a custom house can still hit you melee... feels a bit weird to get reckt by a monster you cannot target, could easily be abused to trap someone in a custom house to kill them and they wouldnt be able to do anything.

    Unable to place stairs and walls and floors of certain colors. For example dark stone stairs in custom houses.

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    Thank you for reporting this Lestat. I've noted it on our issue tracker and will be in touch with the team regarding this.

    Thank you,
    Tantrik Dragon
    Administrator / Developer
    Ultima Online Cataclysm

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