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    Look for Female Plastron of Vampyric Blood

    If this item exist or not , can i have one please because i play a girl and i dont know why i found only male plastron of this armor...

    Always we have armor for male , can you do something please thx

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    Hey SylvinaMezel,

    Welcome to the forums, thank you for playing on Cataclysm! I've added to our issue tracker to include a female plate version of the Vampires Blood and Vampiric armor to have a chance to drop as loot.

    Thank you for the suggestion,
    Tantrik Dragon
    Administrator / Developer
    Ultima Online Cataclysm

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    Thx for the answer

    I dont know but dont forgive the female avatar on the shard... ok

    Thx very much , if you can tell me when i can have the female vamyric blood plastron that gonna be cool..

    Sorry for my english

    I from belgium

    Thx that was Xylandre Emeldion

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    Hello it's me Xylandre , i wanna know if the female plastron of vampyr ic blood are in game...

    I search too one armor female of Ecto please ♥♥♥

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