Greetings valued players,

There has been a lot of debate behind the scenes about the Shroud of Illusions (and Illusion of the Cosmos), and it's future on the server. There is no cause to be alarmed if you are a current or aspiring owner of this very unique item, but we have no choice to make a minor change incoming to ensure we can continue to offer it as a Gold Reward.

Long story short, we never could have predicted that suddenly so many players would purchase it. The shard was live for over two years, and we had only sold one. Rather suddenly, within the last few months there has been a dramatic influx of players purchasing it, more and more anonymous "Shrouded Figures" are appearing on the server. As time goes on, it will not be sustainable to keep the shroud as is. We wanted to give the player-base ample notice of the small change we will make to it at the expansion. Provided is a detailed FAQ explaining what will be happening to the shroud and the reasoning behind it.

What is changing on the Shroud of Illusions / Illusion of the Cosmos?

At the update, the shroud will only hide your name / guild title when you are in Power Hour. It will still retain all the other features and properties (ie, changes your skin black, can be transformed into a robe or shroud). When in Power Hour, you will receive a notification that the magic of the Shroud has hidden your identity.

What about the price of the two shrouds?

At the time of this posting, we will be increasing the price to 40 million for each shroud. They are intended to be an end game item, and we want to make sure players have something to work towards along with other end game content we provide and will provide to the players.

What if I want my name to be Shrouded Figure more often than just one Power Hour a day?

You can use Power Hour scrolls to continue hiding your identity as long as you are in Power Hour. On Power Hour weekends, you will be able to hide your identity the entire time.

What?! Why do this?

The reasoning behind this is rather simple. As time goes on and more and more players own the shroud, we will have a shroud full of nameless "Shrouded Figures". We see many potential problems in PvP, player relations, scams, and other unfortunate unsustainable happenings as a result of this. The only way to ensure we can continue to offer our favorite rare item, is to ensure that a player cannot hide their identity at all times every day with it.

Has the staff considered any other alternative to this change?

Yes! We've spent many hours debating over this and a few nights with some bad headaches. The only other thing we can do is discontinue these shrouds, which we very badly do not want to do. However, we feel this change will allow us to continue to offer the shrouds, ensure players are able to use the unique features of them while they are active, and we won't have an incoming identity crisis on the server as the server becomes more populated with them.

What if I no longer want my shroud after this change?

Although we will not buy back the shroud, we will offer limited extremely rare items from time to time as a trade-in for the shroud. Although we haven't worked the details out yet, you will be able to trade two Shroud of Illusions or Cosmos Shrouds (or a combination of the two) for a new special edition item or shroud. One item on the proposed list of new rares is a limited run Chameleon Shroud. After that item is sold out, more equally cool items will follow on a periodic basis. This will help us control the amount of these shrouds on the server. More details will come later.

I'm angry about this! What can I do?

I will gladly personally speak with players who have concerns about this and ensure that we are doing everything we can for a best-case scenario regarding thi schange.

When is this change happening?

We will implement this change at the Expansion III release.

Okay then, I get why this is happening. Thanks for at least letting us know.

You are welcome! We appreciate the support!

As always, please contact me with any concerns or questions.

Best regards,