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    Turn delucia dueling pit into a safe area with portal from safe zone.

    I'll start out saying that I do actually enjoy dueling, I prefer to duel and I normally don't go to the tournaments because sometimes I have to fix my hotkeys etc and sometimes other factors prevent me from dueling for 15 minutes straight with a 30 second break in between duels to make pots/poison etc etc etc, thats the pace of tournaments and I get it but for me personally I prefer a slower pace. Back when I played on XUO there was a safe zone, similar to CUO's safe zone but not quite as extravagantly decorated as the one on cataclysm uo, the one thing they did have was a dueling pit area, there was a dueling pit for loot duels and a dueling pit for betting... I always really enjoyed this feature because it safe guarded the player against the dishonesty of other players and lets just be honest, people are way more likely to be dishonest on a video game that in real life. With that being said, there are plenty of times im reading chat and people are challenging each other to duels but somehow it ends up being a trap and 2v1 etc etc... I think by fixing up the dueling pit in delucia you could have the best of both worlds. It is already well decorated from the base concept to what the staff has added to it here... Personally, as much as ive been to delucia i havve NEVER seen it used and for the life of me i don't know why anyone would ever use it in its ccurrent condition, the only current benefit to using it is a bank/anvil are close by to it for restocking.... It would be nice to have protected duels with betting or just full loot duels without the dishonesty of someone calling their friend to come gank because "omggg hes wearing the best armor come here and help me kill him while hes dueling me"... That was such a fun aspect, you think you are good? put your best suit on and lets have a full loot duel in the dueling pit... It seems like SUCHH a underutilized resource, especially being how this server is so heavily focused on pvp... my proposed idea would be something similar to this picture....

    safe zone duel pit.png

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    Nice idea!
    S H I M O R O F O U R

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    yeah! it s great. That ll make ppl to come online more often.

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    yeah would be really nice for those people who only got like 10-20 minutes, wanna find some pvp action or whatever, duel and be on your way... or you could just camp down there all day hustling people for money. A nice alternative to dueling instead of just dueling in the wild, dismounted, and having a bunch of unfriendly players show up trying to kill you for your armor...

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