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    New Item Suggestions

    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for feedback about new items we can introduce to the game. Think of what we did in the Dungeon Boss / Smoking Treasure Chest System as an example, as well as the Paragon clothes. We have some new systems in the works and could use some help brainstorming.

    Ideally I'm looking for those who really give this some thought. Think about the repercussions of distributing such an item. How many should exist in the game? Is it a really complicated thing to describe? If so, it's probably complicated and hard to create. Is it part of a set? Are there perks to obtaining the set? Will the items last forever? Do they get consumed, decay, etc.? Keep all of these things in mind, please.

    Disclaimer: Not all suggestions will be implemented. Even if many vote for a suggestion, it may not be implemented. We do our best to provide a fair and balanced environment to play, so it will be up to our discretion in the end.

    Thanks in advance,
    Administrator / Developer
    Ultima Online Cataclysm

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    Shrouds on gold stone for 10 million, ones that don't make you a shrouded figure
    a customize-able item any name/hue/layer/item(basic items only & no shrouds) blessed or non blessed for 32500 platinum (so we can get layered lightsabers)

    I'd also like to point out the staff claimed to have removed this ticket from the platinum stone because it limited their ability to give out creative rewards but I have seen ZERO of these 'rewards' since it was removed... hell I even got a basic undyed
    leather item ( three times ) for winning a tribal war... The only interesting rewards, from what I can tell, were given out in the first year this server was active... like some of the older torches/lanterns... but alas, how dare I want to role play on a
    MMORPG, silly Sema.

    Layered mask deeds, layers them to earrings.
    A wand 'recharger' item, item has 5 charges and you'll double click it then targeting a wand, it will fully charge it.
    Flame strike pillar decoration items that drop in random colors.
    The 'fire' and brazier, both with random hues and a name that corresponds, similar to how paragon clothing works.
    A pet bonding stone, instantly bonds a pet to you if its fully fed.
    A shrunken daemon pet.
    An item you can double click that will instantly spawn a boss, when killed will drop a smoking chest, can be used anywhere except houses and if it takes any damage inside a house will despawn.
    a scroll that will buff up a weapons damage by +5, works only on crafted weapons all of them except lust/hells halbred because they are top tier already.
    A consumable item that will make a targeted shroud dyeable by any tailoring dye tubs.
    a deed you can page a gm to change the hue and name of a cloth item, like renaming your cloth doublet to 'xoxox we love cuo.'

    Finally, I'd like to point out that anyone using the layered mask deed or the custom item layered, will be at a disadvantage in pvp due to the dumb tactic/armor clothing and stat rings... So I don't really think these are 'game breaking' mechanics, atleast not compared to the armor/tactic bonus clothing & rings that has essentially ruined pvp.

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    I still think that SOS maps, treasure maps loot is weak. Spice it up, single use random ride balls, aprons and sash like in Smoking and boss'. A type of sos or tmap that has a special loot(drops randomly like normal maps and sos just less frequently). More random rune book charges, +1+5+10+15+20 charge deeds drop on any monster not just paragon. Skin dyes in the smoking and boss loot. Random spawned hued horses orns, etc. standard HP nothing special just color. Give more reason to get out and run through the woods and explore. The loot is the only thing holding me back from getting balls deep in this server again. I wish the population was back up as well but loot will bring me back.
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