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    How up the skill Taming please :3 ?

    Hello its Sylvina Mezel i wanna know how i can up the skill taming thx for helping ♥♥♥

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    heres a link a good link

    itll list what you should be taming
    0.00 - 30.0: Train at NPC
    30.1 - 47.0: Liquid Llamas, Non-Rare Hue Mustangs, Rare Hue Ostards (except Zostrich), Grizzly Bears, Panthers, Snow Leopards, Great Harts, Snakes.
    47.1 - 64.9: Rare Hue Zostriches, Rare Hue Mustang, Bulls, Giant Toads, Strong Mongbats, White Wolves.
    65.0 - 80.0: Rare Hue Zostriches, Rare Hue Mustangs, Dire Wolves, Lava Lizards, Imps, Hell Hounds, Drakes.
    80.1 - GM: Rare Hue Zostriches, Rare Hue Mustangs, Dragons, White Wyrms.

    for like 80-93/94 you wanna try to tame white wyrms in a specific area, like put one on a boat while you are off or use a custom house... You'll need a really specific macro and its better if you use your other account to help bandage you... Plus you will need to eat regularly to make sure you can still gain... So essentially your macro will spam taming until your journal gets this message 'you attempt to tame the white wyrm' (something to that effect) then put a pause for like 7500/10000.... again mean while you should have an alt healing you because you wont heal effectively during this, You could add bandages to the 7500/10000 pause in your macro but it usually won't help much. You also want to make sure you have armor equipped because i'm pretty sure the wyrms fireball is effected by armor so you want to try to reduce it to like 50 dmg instead of 75... Its a fickle beast of a process but if you are dedicated you can get through it...

    I think last time I just stopped taming wyrms at like 90-91 and just started taming mustang spawns during my power hour, which is about 100ish... If you are in power hour and you successfully tame one of the mustang spawns then you'll get .1 gain 100% of the time ( if in power hour )... it took some dedication but somewhere around there you can atleast start taming mounts and gain skill

    Heres a new player guide if you need other answers..

    if you message me in game sometime I can show you how to setup the custom house to allow taming of dragons/wyrms... also a side note, you can't be the one to unshrink it, you need your alt to unshrink it... you'll want like 10k bandages and you'll probably need a water trough to continually wash bandages. Again its a fickle macro but theres really no way around it unless you just wanna keep spamming mustangs from 82-90 and thats probably even slower/more expensive of a process because once you tame them you can't gain anymore skill even if you shrink it etc.
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