Hello friends,

Just taking a moment to thank everyone for the support over these five years. Five years ago today on 12/13/14, we crossed our fingers and opened the moongate for all of you. Now, all these years later and not without blood, sweat, and tears; we are still going strong!

It's crazy to think that as of today we've been developing this project for 11 years now. It's great to feel comfort in the fact that this is a permanent staple in the UO community; as we always will keep that moongate open!

In celebration for our anniversary, tonight at some point before midnight we will be distributing prizes to all players online.

We are also hosting a Grog Drinking Contest tonight sometime between 9pm and 10pm PST (GMT -8:00). Come by and have a drink with us!

We salute you for the support, here's to the years of Cataclysm ahead!

Kind regards,