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    Need a duel pits!!!

    I think the server needs a duel pits... Like a few different choices, maybe one full loot, maybe one 5k, 10k, 25k, 100k etc... This would make the shard alot better... Ive been sitting back and waiting for one of these for awhile as for some of us do not have the time for tournies and such... like to be able to get on and duel a few times and log back out...
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    I suggested this very thing... Taking the duel pits just outside of delucia and turning them into a safe zone with walls, using stones to have bets & loot duels, would be fun to use some moonrock or other tourny gears outside of a tournament without fear of getting ganked in the wild ...

    Word around the campfire is the staff thinks "it'll take away from pvp" which is utter ridiculous because every thriving pvp shard I've ever been on had one and it also helps people less experienced get their feet wet so they feel more comfortable in the wild dueling 2v1 etc... Whatever...

    This is where I suggested it...

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