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    Special Event: Cataclysm Community Weekend Saturday 4/25/20 ~ 4/26/20

    Good morning Avatars,

    In celebration of the recent influx of activity on Cataclysm shard, we're having our first Community Weekend Event in which there will be opportunity to win rare prizes! Running the whole weekend, we will be doing the following to promote community activity and increase player count:
    • Limited Weekend Raffle! If we can get 70 Players online we will be giving out Raffle tickets at a random time over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday). Monday at a random time we will be selecting a winner to win a rare Cataclysm Strobe Hat! The winner will receive the prize in their bank. We only have to hit 70 players at some point in the weekend for the raffle to happen (we track this).
    • Staff run Britannia Burns event on Saturday 4/25 at 2:00pm PST (GMT -8:00).
    • Increased number of Auto Events with better prizes than usual.
    • Rare Handout of a special item at a random time.
    • New Reddit Thread that we will promote as a community.
    • Power Hour Weekend from Saturday 4/25 at 9:00am PST (GMT -8:00) through Monday 4/27 at midnight.

    Come join us for a time where friends and foes get together, have some fun, and drop some Kal Vas Flams!

    In these crazy times, we appreciate the support and community we have here as well as the consideration and care from our players in helping Cataclysm grow and be successful. In a world uprooted and challenged by social distancing, it's refreshing to have our Britannia where we can still get together with friends and not worry about the things happening on Earth. Please know that we appreciate every one of the folks who visit and nurture Cataclysm and we promise to always be the Premier Old School Shard for you.

    Please be safe and we'll see you this weekend!

    Warm regards,
    Tantrik Dragon
    Administrator / Developer
    Ultima Online Cataclysm

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    The Raffle has been pulled, and the winning number is Ticket 42! Thank you all for participating in this weekends community event, we had a great turnout and it was a good time! The winning ticket has been turned red and named 'WINNER' and the prize has been dropped in the winners bank. Enjoy Avatars! We look forward to doing another community event in the near future.

    Kind regards,
    Tantrik Dragon
    Administrator / Developer
    Ultima Online Cataclysm

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