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    Hunting / Pk and Order

    This Is all interconnected and the aim is to have very integrated and entertaining

    Armor should be tailor made for hunting ...
    IE: (Taking less dmg from) Silver is good against undead, bloodrock is good against deamons. moon rock is good against dragons or something along that nature so it makes hunting easier / faster in specific hunting grounds. Also entices people to have to gear up to fight in said hunting grounds with good AR or making it easier and faster to get the rewards of hunting.
    *Obviously this needs to be fleshed out.* This gives armor an actual use case other then pvp / just AR bonus for melee... it has an added useful bonus. For the most part this would only be added to the middle - higher AR's leaving the highest AR for Tourney PVP and harder to acquire.
    I would also say, its not that you cant hunt with out this armor I am saying making it easier and more rewarding for hunting to take the risk of wearing the armor.
    This also gives the PK more incentive to want to chase those people taking that risk.

    There should be escape mechanisms (skill based mechanisms) to PK / Escape this needs to be a skill it shouldn't be easy either way. If it is almost impossible to escape a 2v1 then people will be frustrated and same goes for the PK side if its to easy to escape then the same frustration ensues.
    The key is to find a middle ground EI: Hiding / stealth should be viable requiring players to have to detect hiding. Using stealth potion and recalling should be possible but also if the PK is prepared to cast reveal then its not a guarantee or Earthquake which cancels the recall or explosion pot ect ect...
    My belief is it should be a cat and mouse, timing oriented game. where the better and some times the lucky prevail either way.
    At the same time a 3v1 should be very hard to escape there is a balance here that is hard to find and typically is never found. Tendency is also to go towards one way or the other. Some shards make it easy to run and some make it hard, it is rare to find a middle of the road style.
    This gives better players (skill based advantages) you should want to get better at and practice getting better because there is a incentive to do so.
    Having multiple different avenues for escape, makes it less of a one trick pony of attack / escape.
    (I could be very wrong in the current style of the shard and just unaware of said mechanisms)

    Giving different Ar for different things, such as PK specific armor that is hard to Acquire and requires you to be say (RED) or Chaos and Order to wear.
    Some mechanism that gives Order or Blue players a bonus to hunt and wait for PK's There needs to be some incentive to be RED and some Incentive to be Blue less so on the blue side but there needs to be some bonus for Hunting a PK.

    Bringing this all together...
    If you make money faster with the armor and its more entertaining to do so, you would be less inclined to want to mine and make that armor it would be much easier just to hunt the money if you are skilled enough and buy it from another player. Creating a player run economy which is a very hard balance to find. (Most shards you just end up GMing everything in order to compete at the highest levels)
    Player built tools such as invisibility potions to help in surviving a PK (keeping in mind this should still require skill to use and finding a balance) and thus enticing people to sell these. If such a potion makes it easier not a guaranteed escape from a PK this should some how be expensive to make and thus buy (IE: resource that is hard to find / get and high failure rate) thus making a choice to use such a out should be at a great cost. The easier the escape the more it should cost you. EI: say you cant do it from half your life points or it takes 25% or 50% of your life to drink it...

    Other players have mentioned in our discord discussion about this :
    Adding % based MR or Archery to Different say leather armors, I Think this would be good.
    EI: Having a MOB that requires 110 archery to even do dmg to it. Thus the only way to hunt this MOB or a easier way to hunt said MOB.
    Thus giving the PK a added bonus for hunting said person and giving the Hunter a larger reward and possibly safer because its faster to hunt with said Objects.
    EI: MR based AR could make group battles better since it protects against magic more and less so in say a 1v1.
    Again these need to be hashed out from all sides...

    These special Armors should be hard to get, the resources should be hard to attain to create these things such as the reward for wearing them should be worth the cost of buying them.
    Creating and bigger gap between Hunter / PK / Crafter...

    These things should be hard for one person to do all of the above, time consuming. Making you have to choose rather than doing it all.
    If the player likes hunting its Viable for wealth (skill based)
    If the PK likes hunting humans its viable for wealth (skill based)
    Also with a set in progression EI middle armor is easier and cheaper but less rewarding, Silver makes hunting undead easy giving the ability to gain money fairly fast enough to buy the next medium hunting ground like Orcs or something. Up to the much much more expensive AR to help with Dragons and Daemons
    If the Crafter likes more crafting and a little hunting (Time and skill based)
    All should be difficult in there own way. Like I said before I could be wrong in the current state of everything. I just get the feeling there needs to be more nuance.

    Consumables which is a good place for money to sink like things that Die with you, Jewelry that gives bonuses to things that's expensive EI: end game sorta items where if you lose enough of them it gets very very costly and can not be taken from your body, they disappear for ever. To often you end up with a select group of people that have these millions with nothing to spend it on.

    Anyways there is a lot to unpack I do feel it would be all interconnected to each other Hopefully I demonstrated my ideas well enough and coherently.
    Please add constructive criticism.

    Thank you for your time.

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    There are armors that do help with pvp, all the crafted leather armors... The dragon scale gives up to 10 extra int and makes your summons slightly stronger, daemon bone leather gives +10 str and lowers your chance to be hit by melee monsters, the elven leather gives you tactics and a chance to double attack with bows against monsters...

    Honestly the +10 int is pretty huge, they added the other effects later but the +10 int with a +5 int ring is massive for hunting... If you like using bows, that chance to double tap with high dex/dex ring is also massive. There were plenty of suggestions, ranging from lower pot timers to increase pot effects, etc, but the devs stated time and time again they don't want things to interfere with their vision of 'era accuracy pvp'...

    What would be nice to see is a set similar to the 'oceanic' set from XUO that cast protection on you immediately after being hit, internal cool down of like 30 seconds, couldn't be fizzled and didn't stop you from casting, the armor was living if you will... However, any pvp related armor is just ridiculous, its already bad enough there are tactic/armor clothing that ruin the pvp(imo) fun for those who don't camp chests/bosses. I would be on board though for making those cloths craftable - non blessable, or adding some nice effect to the various jewelry that the chests drops, similar to how the pvm armors work, you get the full set you get a bonus of some sort that effects pvp... you wear all the silver jewelry +100% bonus damage to undead, the full sapphire set, you get +100% spell damage against sapphire dragons, in theory you could still manage to get the PVM leather armor from helm/chest/legs/gloves/arm --- since you only need 5 pieces to get the full bonus, instead of leaving the helm off you could leave the neck off and stack all that jewelry for some nice pvm mods... However, in practice this seems like a waste of time --> if you spend enough time collecting all this jewelry its likely you wouldn't even care about having 100% bonus damage to undead, etc, you'd already be rich.

    Honestly, what it sounds like after re-reading your post is you want an entirely different era than this one... I like the idea of having some jewelry mods, whether found or craftable, but tampering with pvp changes the era accuracy and staff has been pretty adamant about that, even despite them adding the tactic/armor clothing.

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    Great... Nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by teinds View Post
    Great... Nice
    If you think it's dangerous to hunt with DC, read this story:

    Smithie Adams has been a recreational hunter: the occasional deer, duck, or rabbit. His basic approach has been to aim his rifle at the intended target, shoot, and hope his hand was steady enough.

    This season he took testogen went hunting with PK, rumored to be a world expert. PK offered this advice.
    "Today is the third Friday of the hunting season, in a year with that is a prime number minus two.

    On such Friday's, betweeen 11:15 and 11:30 Greenwich time, you cannot hit your prey by aiming your rifle at the target.

    You will hit your target by aiming your rifle at yourself!"
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