The following changes are now live with only a small set of what will be included in the Fall 2020 Release, Patch 37 was deployed at 8:35PM PT (GMT -7:00):
  • Using wands twice or "double" wands has been fixed. You can only use a wand once per the normal delay as it should be.
  • Wands are now selectable as an option on duels with duel stones.
  • Voting timer is set to 12 hours instead of 24 hours for [vote and the voting stone.

The wand change was needed urgently and thus we chose to release this before the remainder of the Fall 2020 Release is fully complete. I included these two other changes because they were small and felt it was worth adding at this time. We're currently still under development for the Fall 2020 Release and will provide more details soon.