The following changes will be live with Patch 19 deployed at 12:10PM PDT (GMT - 07:00) October 17th, 2020:

  • Added automated event which is the Lord of the Ring event.
    • This event is an auto supply 1v1 with buffed weapons and wands.
    • Winner of the event has the prize of a statue being placed in their honor in the Safe Zone, in commemoration of their victory.
  • Resurrecting a player with bandages will now result in damage dealt to the healer at 25% of their max hp. You must have at least 25% health to res a patient with bandages.
  • Dungeon Bosses are significantly stronger against pets. Be careful bringing pets to fight them now.
  • You can no longer target a ghost to be casted upon except for the Resurrection spell.
  • Fixed issue with still being able to use [usewand command in a region that doesn't allow wands.