Alrighty, guys. I know there has been a lot of questions about the role playing aspects of the server, so I have some guidelines for you all.

Firstly, let me say this. If you give a good attempt at making a rp character or guild, but do not succeed at the first try.. do not be afraid to try again.

Role Playing - To assume deliberately the part or role of; act out.
- To experiment with or experience (a situation or viewpoint) by playing a role.
- An activity in which a person imitates, consciously or unconsciously, a role uncharacteristic of him/herself.

An example of a rp item might be a shroud for a vampire to hide him from the sun, or green skin on a goblin to make him more believable.

Before awarding Role Playing items, colors, etc. there will be a few things we (the admins) will be looking for.

1.) Role playing story. - Not a necessity, but it greatly raises the chances of acceptance. We don't need a novel, nor a list of things you want, but we (the admins) should be able to determine everything about your guild, and what guild items your guild would need, from reading the story. Send the stories to

2.) In-game RP. - This means at all times. The more you break character, the less likely you will be awarded anything. And this goes for the whole guild. If certain members cannot seem to keep it together, it may result in a loss of items for the every member. The only time you can be out of character is in private guild or alliance chat. That means no OOC when talking in IRC through your RP character. So keep an eye on your members, guild masters. - I know I will be

3.) Make it believable. - For example: Players looking to be goblins may not be able to wear a goblin mask and green skin at all times before being accepted. This is understandable, and taken into consideration. Just please try be patient and make it work. Otherwise, how do we know you are capable of keeping it going once skin color/item/whatever has been received?

4.) Last, but not least.. Patience. - We will be observing in game. We will be running checks between all of the staff. And we will be voting on who gets awarded what. If you cannot wait your turn, you cannot be awarded anything.

Now remember, guys.. this is up to our discretion. And some things just may not be do-able. We apologize in advance for anything upsetting.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.