Hello all, statics have been going in regularly and players are starting to occupy houses in towns all throughout Britannia. It's time to let everyone know the process, and what it takes to claim your home away from home in CUO.

Statics are for guilds and act as a home base, a shared house for guild members to use. Weather it be training, planning the next PK mission, or a place to run to and defend, your guild members will find the space useful.

To apply for a static you may contact me in the following ways -

Please include the [where location when you contact me, and I will respond with a price.

Once accepted, you will get in line for the next available statics setup. It is at this time we may discuss special add-ons for the guild building, special decoration, or any other special need. We may also plan a meeting at the location to discuss modifications and special needs for the building in game.

I will then prepare the static for sale, including ensuring the security of the area, line of sight protection, and basic set up for use.

The house will only be able to be purchased by the one who set up the initial agreement, and I will only enable the sign in the presence of the player who wishes to own it.

Unless necessary for security, all additional items or building modifications will be an additional charge.

  • Guild doors, where guild members can teleport in and out freely. Charge per door, per side = 100,000 gold
  • Color of your choice on any guild door, or house door. = 100,000 gold
  • Color of your choice on a guild stone. = 100,000 gold
  • Teleporter to a roof, or other area. = 100,000 gold
  • Additional basic minimal exterior decoration and coloring. = 200,000 gold
  • RP Guild related decoration or content. = Varies to extent of decoration, at staff discretion.
  • Courtyards, other special building modifications. = Varies to extent of decoration, at staff discretion.

What I will not add for your static -
  • Bank boxes.
  • Modify a region to remove guard lines oustide of the static, if in a guarded town.
  • Turn custom house decoration into 'items' that you may move or keep yourself.

I will notify you when the building is ready to be purchased and we will plan to meet for the final transfer.

We will run some basic security checks on the building after the sale, including testing all doors. I can also duplicate more keys if you wish to have extra.

On a final note - You are not allowed to demolish, or trade your static. Should you wish to resign your static, you must see me and I will claim it from you. Demolishing through the house sign may result in a housing vulnerability.

I look forward to working with you on your guild house, and as always, please see me if you have any questions.