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    I made a simple blacksmithing macro:
    if findtype 0x1bef 0 'backpack' 3 5 //if there are atleast 3 iron ignots
    useobject 0x4038cabc //smiths hammer
    waitfortarget 10
    target 'last' //ignots
    pause 1000
    clickscreen 246 108 'double' //weapons category of smithing screen
    pause 1000
    target! 0x4061d9f3 ignots
    pause 1000
    clickscreen 56 103 'double' //dagger
    pause 5000 //smithing dagger
    playmacro 'smeltdagger' //if all ignots are smithed into daggers then i start smelting them back to ignots

    Heres the "smeltdagger" macro:

    if findtype 0xf52 [0] 'backpack' [1] [5] //dagger
    useobject 0x4038cabc //smith hammer
    waitfortarget 700
    clickscreen 108 108 'double' //smelt
    pause 700
    targettype 0xf52 [0] [5] //dagger
    pause 1000
    playsound 802 //this is a "NO" sound, so when you hear NO NO NO then you should pay attention to UO
    pause 500
    playsound 802
    pause 500
    playsound 802

    btw i have smelted around 40 daggers and never got a skill raise in BS, it was around 20%

    p.s. the script is for UOsteam
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    I found out that UOsteam does not support old style menus, which are apparently used here. You can respond to a gump with sending a textmessage from UOsteam like this: msg '[menuresponse 5' <- it will choose the 5th option of the gump menu

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    here are the updated macroses:

    if findtype 0x1bef 0 'backpack' 3
    useobject 0x4038cabc
    pause 100
    msg '[menuresponse 5'
    pause 100
    targettype 0x1bef
    msg '[menuresponse 1'
    pause 5000
    playmacro 'smeltdagger'


    if findtype 0xf52 0 'backpack' 1
    useobject 0x4038cabc
    msg '[menuresponse 2'
    waitingfortarget 5000
    targettype 0xf52
    pause 1000
    playsound 802
    pause 500
    playsound 802
    pause 500
    playsound 802

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    Or just don't use UOsteam to macro... it can't close these old school gumps, which why the Staff/Admin won't change this, is beyond me, its been argued since the spawn of this server.

    Use Razor to Macro. its more efficient, and easier to configure for majority of all skills.

    Use UO Steam for actual game play... UO steam responds quicker to ingame actions and hot keys by milli seconds, and lets be frank, milliseconds do add up., and also doesn't have the open door bug, where if you run into an open door it will automatically close in your face.. razor is notorious for this bug. UOsteam works flawlessly in game play, As well as the invisible barricades/borders that incapacitates you from moving in multiple directions. UO steam is just hands down better for PVP and hunting.

    Razor on the other hand is just easier to configure for macroing / afk macroing, right below EUO that is. hehe.

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    I have to use uosteam because only it is running without crashes with my UO on mac via wineskin (facepalm)

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    For anyone having troubles with this script I can add to the instruction.

    Make sure you add the 2 counters, and make sure you have them CHECKED and enabled under Display/Counters... I even like to add {irn} as a counter to my top bar so i can always see how many ingots I have. Not needed tho just a personal preference when i macro.

    Secondly, Make sure you Re target everything, it shows clearly in the script what to re target,
    For Smelting, Re target your smith's hammer in your hand...

    For Restocking, re target YOUR SELF if using a bank. I actually haven't tested this using a near by chest in a house, but it should be the same.

    (for a second note on restocking, you need to set the restock agent 1 to restock 4 iron ingots, and then target your self or your chest in the restock agent 1 settings, and then click restock now to check it , make sure its working. Should be good to go. Last note for RESTOCKING, Make sure the Container you are restocking from ( chest, or bank) is OPEN on screen, Now restocking should work.

    Finally Under Smithing, Re target your Smith's Hammer again, and the Iron Ingots in your Pack, ( start with 4 in your pack)

    Side note, remove your noobied daggers out of your pack before starting or you will smelt it, and have to make a new character to get a new blessed dagger. lol

    With that said, The script should work flawlessly, nothing else to edit.
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    problem is not in script , problem in new iron ingots after restock (idk why cuz of oldy uo or what) but razor cant understand where iron is ( sometime uo client says " u cant use it from there need be in ur backpack " so razor tried use iron which was in chest for restock near me)

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    updt. after i disassemble same script on 3 parts 1-craf , 2-melt , 3-restock. 2 and 3 work perfectly , but 1 one mess with me
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