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    Patch 15 - June 27th 2015, Content Release

    The following changes will be live with Patch 15 deployed at 7:00PM PDT (GMT - 07:00) June 27th 2015:

    • New Skill Gain (Skill Scroll) System Introduced (guide on website soon):

      • Monsters now have a chance to drop a Skill Scroll for you. A skill scroll will be soulbound to the player it was awarded to and will be placed in your backpack (you don't have to loot it).
      • Melee type mobs will drop a "Scroll of Melee Combat", Mage type mobs will drop a "Scroll of Mage Combat" and Ranged type mobs will drop a "Scroll of Ranged Combat".
      • Each skill scroll will allow you to increase any of the skills it allows by 1%.
      • Mage type skill scrolls allow for the following skills to be gained: Magery, Eval Intel, Magic Resist or Meditation.
      • Melee type skill scrolls allow for the following skills to be gained: (Skill of Weapon you are fighting with), Healing, Anatomy, Parrying or Tactics.
      • Ranged type skill scrolls allow for the following skills to be gained: Archery, Healing, Anatomy or Tactics.

    • New Vendor Commands:

      • vendor rename shop - Allows you to name your vendor's shop. (This will be the shop name displayed on the website).
      • vendor set price OR vendor change price - Allows you to change the price of an item without having to remove it and add it back.

    • New Website Content:

      • Completely revamped MyCUO with much better access to the internals of the Shard.
      • Full crafting tables which will always be up to date.
      • Full Player Vendor Listing and Inventory.
      • Player Vendors are searchable! It is much easier to find that desirable ware now!

    • Added Custom Currency Vendors which will sell Gold Sink and Platinum Items. Vendors will be at the Vendor Mall.
    • Power Hour now provides twice the gain chance (as well as twice the gain amount)!
    • Armor absorbed amounts have been greatly increased when fighting mobs. This should allow for easier melee combat against monsters.
    • You no longer turn to the player you're casting on when moving. (Elastic-lag when casting while moving).
    • You now lose significantly less stamina when riding a mount.
    • Healing skill has been slightly buffed.
    • You can no longer resurrect someone with bandages in a house. (Relates to a potential house looting bug).
    • Alchemy takes about half as long to craft a potion.
    • There are no longer long and short term murder counts, it is only *kills* now. A kill will decay in 24 hours.
    • You can no longer cast Energy Vortex or Blade Spirits in Guarded Towns.
    • Cosmos Blade Recipe has been implemented in game.
    • Magical Bows' and Heavy Crossbows' damages have been corrected so they aren't so over powered. They now align properly with the rest of the weapons.
    • Exporting of a lot of in game data for displaying on the website.
    • Anyone with GM Carpentry Tubs will now get the prompt for their permanent tub.
    • New Event information will be announced separately and the new events will be playable very soon!

    **UPDATED 7/4/15**

    A total of three new events have been added!

    • Bomberman
      Within a closed arena, blow up all your opponents by means of the provided bombs, and upgrades.
    • Tribal Wars
      Going back to basics in a Team Death Match setting. Start only with tinker tools and a pickaxe and exploit your surroundings to gain an advantage over the other team. After 5 minutes the entire arena will be available and the other team can be sought out and fought.
    • Daily PvM
      Every day a daily event in the form of a PvM will be made available at 20:00 - 21:00 PST. Currently it holds three bosses and each boss drops both gold and platinum reward. Players have one hour to finish off all three bosses or they will automatically be removed, leaving nothing in the arena. The difficulty and reward can be adjusted in according to average player attendance.

      A European version of the daily event will be made available at a later date and time.
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    **UPDATED 7/4/15 - Information on new events added**
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    The reward stones for Platinum and Gold have been placed in the vendor mall. The Gold stone's rewards will change periodically.
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