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    Patch 13 - April 22nd 2015, Maintenance Patch

    The following changes will be live with Patch 13 deployed at 11:00PM PDT (GMT - 07:00) April 22nd 2015:

    • PVP & Spell Changes:
      • Weapon swing speed algorithm has been adjusted to take dex into account as it should. Although this affects all weapons, it has the largest impact on large one handed weapons such as bardiches and halberds. They will swing much faster at the highest dex (120) and scale down to being much slower at very low dex (60). This is much more in line with Sphere 51a.
      • Most potions have a global cooldown timer now. This means you can no longer drink a heal potion right after you drink a mana potion, etc. (Explosion potions have an independent timer, Shrinks have no timer).
      • Magic Arrow's damage now scales with AR as it should, correct with Sphere 51a.
      • Heal and Greater Heal have a slightly longer cast time.
      • When you cast a new spell while your casting a previous spell, it will now consume regs (or scroll) and mana when fizzling as per 51a.
      • When you toggle to war mode and fizzle your spell, it will now consume regs (or scroll) and mana when fizzling as per 51a.
      • When you use a bandage while casting a spell, it will now consume regs (or scroll) and mana when fizzling as per 51a.
      • When a disturb-able spell gets disturbed (such as Recall), it will now consume regs (or scroll) and mana when fizzling as per 51a.

    • Message of the Day System introduced which allows us to publish News and Changelogs to. This will show up on login by default but can be turned off. You can also pull it up with [motd.
    • Guild doors now require full health and no combat within last 30 seconds
      to enter just like Vendor Mall gates.
    • Energy Vortexes and Blade Spirits have been buffed. They also acquire targets much faster than any other mob. No monsters will auto dispel these creatures anymore (Dragons previously would).
    • Summoned Phoenixes and Wisps no longer cast magic. This is correct as per Sphere 51a. To account for this change, we've adjusted the EV's and Blade Spirits to bring them in line with Sphere 51a.
    • Players can now automatically join the [New] guild by simply double clicking the stone (they don't have to be recruited and accepted).
    • OpenDoor macro works properly now. It will open or close a door within 4 tiles. This operates similarly to how it did on Sphere 51a, but a bit more intelligent in selecting the closest door. To use this, you can either use the UO OpenDoor Macro or you can use the [opendoor command to make it easier to work with Razor / UOSteam.
    • Only players casting Explosion will cause it to do AoE damage.
    • You only need 80.0 non-real Veterinary skill to resurrect a bonded pet now.
    • You no longer need to be within Line of Sight to see the Words of Power from someone casting. (i.e. If a player is inside of a house and casts Earthquake, the players outside will now see it).
    • You can no longer dispel the vendor mall gates.
    • You can no longer gate into a static even if you marked a rune before it became a static.
    • When using the help menu as a Murderer, you will no longer be placed in the middle of the ocean.
    • Herding skill has a 1.0 second delay.
    Administrator / Developer
    Ultima Online Cataclysm

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    Two issues introduced by this patch have been hotfixed today April 24th, 2015 at 10:00AM PDT (GMT - 07:00):

    • You are now able to recall FROM your house again.
    • Using herding and cancelling your target won't result in a perma lock of the skill (previously if you did this, you'd always see "You must wait before performing another action" indefinitely).
    Administrator / Developer
    Ultima Online Cataclysm

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