The time has finally come folks! The highly anticipated... much awaited... drum roll please...

Before I get into the details, I'd really like to thank everyone on our staff team for making this happen. Many sleepless nights and red eyes at work went into this release. Also to all you players who have waited patiently, without you this would have also never been possible.

The following changes will be live with Patch 17 deployed at 12:00AM PST (GMT - 08:00) March 1st 2016:

  • Scroll and Spell timers have been adjusted to 51a compliance. We have identified a much more precise method to confirm our timers and did find that we were slightly off on a variety of spells. Although this is a minor change, it will provide a more '51a accurate feel'. Specifically, most scrolls are now faster by 0.5 - 1.0 seconds. We have confirmed referencing our source material that this is era accurate. We encourage all PVPers to try this out with friends before entering the field so they have a good feel for the changes.
  • Added Casino and Casino Games: Gate for the Casino is at the Safe Zone. Play three tiers of slot machines and Black Jack games.
  • Young Player System introduced: Young players allow new players to the shard to safely explore the world without monsters attacking them unless provoked or players being able to attack them. A young player can renounce their status with "I renounce my young player status". It will go away after 40 hours of game time or 450 total skill points.
  • Guards are much smarter now. If you are within a town and within 12 tiles of an NPC, the NPC will automatically call guards if guards should be called on you. If you are outside of guard territory, you have the capability of outrunning the guard and getting away. This will facilitate a much better experience for player safety inside of guarded regions.
  • Runebooks are now blessed. All old ones have been updated to be blessed and all newly crafted ones are blessed.
  • Platinum Reward for idling: you receive 50 platinum for every 24 hours of game time. You are not rewarded for idling in the safe zone. With the recent guard changes, it is recommended to idle near NPCs such as Britain Bank.
  • Crafting as a whole has a much better success rate. No longer should platemail armors be nearly as hard as they were. Custom weapons (when you have GM all skills required) will be no lower than 80% success rate. Scrolls are 2x as easy to craft. Invisibility Potions are much easier.
  • Bard success rates are significantly better! They are scaled to a max skill of 100.0 instead of 120.0, thus allowing you to have a good chance of provoking previously difficult creatures such as Dragons.
  • Custom Housing: You can purchase the House Placement Tool from an Architect. Custom houses do have some differing rules from traditional houses and I'd highly recommend reading my forum post here about it.
  • Regions have been fixed so we can allow the usage of scrolls in Mustang / Mare spawn regions as we had always intended. (This will still need to be updated in game, so we will update this post when we do allow scrolls in these regions).
  • Name Change Deeds now work properly. They will be available via purchase from the Gold Reward Stone shortly and no longer require staff intervention.
  • Shield AR's have been corrected. Mainly Chaos / Order shields providing the correct amount of AR.
  • Chaos / Order shields can now be repaired.
  • Nightmares have been added and spawners will be opened up for them shortly. Expect more information about this soon.
  • Blood ingots now spawn on some mobs in game.
  • Capability for us to set a server wide power hour (such as a power hour weekend). This means that during the entire duration of time we indicate, you will get the reward you would normally get during power hour (double skill gain and gold).
  • Spellbooks which aren't blessed (ones that are lootable) now have a (lootable) tag to distinguish them from newbied/blessed ones.
  • Destroying a container with an axe will now present a confirmation gump. It will let you know that all items will be dropped to the floor.
  • Magic Item gold value when sold to vendors has been increased by 50%.
  • Magic Item drop rate on mobs has been lowered to not make it so tedious and lower total item count.
  • Total Refresh Potions can now be crafted properly.
  • Tracking Menu fixes: Ostards and Goats now show up properly.
  • Reduced Gold drops on Guardians and Ancient Wyrms.
  • Event Stone now provides spellbook as it always should have.
  • Event gates properly ignore questholder items (quest books).
  • You can no longer open some locked doors with a blank key.
  • Default locations on Runebooks work properly now. You can set a default location for a Runebook and then cast the recall spell and target the runebook to recall to your default location.
  • Mana and Stamina don't go to zero when you die. Hence, when you are resurrected you will retain the value of your mana and stamina when you died. This is Sphere 51a correct.
  • Weapon poison timers are now properly cleared when you leave a duel arena. There should no longer be any poisoning related exploits in a duel arena.
  • Mana regeneration rates are now correct even if you are under 100 Intel.
  • New Craftable Weapons: Added Az A Moradin and Javelin of Trinsic. Recipe locations available for all to find.
  • Harrower's Halberd has been correctly renamed to Hell's Halberd. (What were we thinking, of course it's a Hell's Halberd!)

A lot of big systems were introduced in this release. Coming VERY soon (but not included with this patch) is the Automated Event System which will be released next. All other content that we had previously indicated would be included is coming soon in the coming weeks. We wanted to release all of the content we had as soon as possible and plan to update every 2 weeks when updates are available.