This is a smaller release with some fixes and some new features. Most of this was nearly ready for the Expansion, but didn't quite make it in.

The following changes will be live with Patch22 deployed at 10:00PM PST (GMT - 8:00) January 2nd, 2017:

  • Added Paragons which have a chance to drop a statue of the creature - collect them all. Read all about it here:
  • Public Moongates now give you a selection gump, allowing you to go to all of the same locations as before but select where. They also have a combat check.
  • You will now be killed if you are afk resource gathering and don't complete the AFK captcha gump within 2 minutes.
  • Stuck Menu now is now available with no limits on usage when you are dead.
  • Advanced Gates now allow us to select a range of location to move you to.
  • Earthquake now scales on strength if a player is being casted on and they aren't in a house. It also scales with AR as per Sphere 51a.
  • Fixed bug where kill points didn't have a 2 minute cooldown after being killed.
  • Fixed bug where you could dupe resources in events with the trade window.
  • Fixed security issue with Gold Reward Stone and Platinum Reward stone.